Kris v 2.0

The definition of the word “reinvent” is to “change something so much that it appears to be entirely new.”

I was recently given some career advice that it’s time to “reinvent” myself. I disagree. I think it’s just time for a reboot. To “reboot” something is to “make a change in order to establish a new beginning”. In other words, a new version of myself but with enhancements and bug fixes. Kris version 2, or v 2.0 if you will…

Why would I need to appear entirely new? Of course I have regrets, but if I start over, I’d lose all I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’d lose all I’ve accomplished. Reinventing indicates there’s nothing worth keeping, and that’s simply not true.

Have you ever felt the need to reinvent or reboot your image? One of my favorite quotes is “we cannot control how we are perceived, but only how we present ourselves”. As I keep the good, and learn from the not-so-good, I look forward to my next endeavor as Kris v2.0, the improved version of myself – not someone new.