Jewelry Display

I recently made a jewelry display board to hang in my studio so I can easily access the jewelry I sell in my etsy shop StrandedInTheCity. I thought the idea came from Pinterest, but I can’t seem to find the pin that gave me the idea. I began with an old 6-pane window I bought close to 15 years ago for $6 at a flea market. First I broke out all the glass (did this very carefully with the window inside a heavy duty garbage bag. Then I used spray adhesive to attach a piece of burlap to a foam board I cut slightly smaller than the window. I sprayed the back of the window with adhesive then attached the burlap covered foam board. I drilled in a few screws to make sure the foam stayed on. Luckly, I already had hooks on the back from when the window was previously displayed on the wall years ago. I use what I call “T pins” (not sure of the real name) to attach jewelry to the board. It’s been hanging in my studio for over a month and seems pretty secure so far. I have a larger window that is long and skinny that I plan to update next. Perhaps I’ll put it in my closet to hold my personal jewelry, which is currently out of control on various stands on my bathroom counter!