Jellybean’s Doppelgänger

On a business trip to New Orleans last week I found myself sitting in the courtyard at Cafe Beignet on Royal Street enjoying (what else but) a delicious beignet.  Much sweeter than the beignet though were the few minutes I came face to face with what could only be the Louisiana lookalike of my dearly departed cat, Jellybean.  As he sauntered throughout the chairs and tables, briefly pausing for quick pat on the head, or to give that beautiful blank stare that only “cat people” can love, I was taken back to the sweet memories of when Jellybean was still around.  It may sound silly, but the glossy black fur with tiny streaks of white, the beautiful main, his brilliant green eyes, and the unique markings on his nose made me feel like I had my beloved pet back for just a moment.  So here’s to my Jellybean and the Cafe Beignet kitty – I hope everyone who has lost a pet has the chance to feel reunited at some point, even if for just a moment.



Cafe Beignet Kitty

Cafe Beignet Kitty


2 thoughts on “Jellybean’s Doppelgänger

  1. fiammisday says:

    Lovely blog darling!! I’m following you now!!! A big kiss from Italy…

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