Tassel Necklace Project

So I’m not ashamed to admit that I cannot figure out how to add a photo to a comment I made on Agness Rae’s awesome post Trendy Tassels.  If anyone knows, please share 🙂  Anyway, here’s my comment and the photos of a necklace I made that was inspired by the Stella & Dot Gitane Tassel necklace that I own:

One pic shows my gold-tone version compared to the real thing in silver-tone. The other 2 show me wearing the necklace doubled with the tassel, and then long with the tassel removed (just like the way the Stella necklace works). Basically I just rosary wrapped a TON of 4mm czech beads in various metallic colors on 26g wire (I believe the Stella necklace has mostly 3mm beads but I had to work with what I could get quickly!). About halfway I added a jump ring on each side, then gave up on the rosary wrapping and just added dangles and spaced them out a little bit more (this is where mine really starts to differ from the Stella necklace). For the tassel, I just cut up some old chain, put it on a jump ring, added a larger glass bead and a lobster claw clasp, and voila!  Enjoy 🙂



12 thoughts on “Tassel Necklace Project

  1. fatrabbitjewels says:

    Do you know of anywhere I could find some really gritty/gnarly insect pendants or beads? I’ve been on the lookout, but can’t seem to find any ANYWHERE. That’s been my biggest un-executable goal lately…

    • fatrabbitjewels says:

      Something more grotesque than a butterfly or bee, you know what I’m saying?

      • Yes! Etsy has tons of great stuff. Or you could make one out of clay, build one out if filigree, or even buy a gross plastic Halloween critter and paint it with Swellegant which is paint with metal in it.

  2. agnessrae says:

    Reblogged this on Agness Rae and commented:

    • Thanks! It’s not as “smooth” as the Stella version just due to the beads being so tiny, the wire being so fine, and me being impatient, but it serves the purpose.

    • Check out my latest post “Tassel Project 2” – not sure how to add the link from my phone 🙂

      • agnessrae says:

        It’s so similar!!!! x

      • I tried not to copy it exactly (not that I could) but I really loved the whole look so my friend and I wanted to make our own. She has this one and I still haven’t made one for myself, so who knows if I’ll get to it.

      • agnessrae says:

        Ahaha make sure you do it’s amazing! xx

      • fatrabbitjewels says:

        Love that it has definitely evolved into an even more chic piece. 🙂 How’d get the rhinestones around the tassels in such a clean way?
        What is the white background behind the necklace? I kind of get random with the backgrounds or backdrops; and it was “suggested” to me to use more white and black backgrounds, but I haven’t found a visually clean way to shoot a piece in front of such a plain background without at least some kind of shadow mishaps.

      • Thank you! The rhinestones are this awesome trim from Industrial Chic – they come in a pack with some gold and silver cord as well as a thicker mauvish cord and I’ve never seen any like them. They were very easy to just wrap around and secure. Kind of like a black ribbon with the rhinestones already attached. The background on that one is a 13 inch hemp covered bust from NotableNotions on etsy. You can also purchase or make a light box to eliminate shadows but if you place the items on a bust or other plain background outside in partial sunlight (I use my porch) you should be able to avoid shadows. Let me know if you want more details on the light box and I will look up the site where I got mine as well as the way to make one (but I haven’t used mine much and didn’t use it on the pic you asked about so you can probably achieve good results without it).

      • fatrabbitjewels says:

        Thanks for the quick reply and handy tips. 🙂

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